The Real Reasons that Hitler Hated the Jews

I was thinking the other night, who really stands to gain from civil unrest, martial law, or a stirred up civil war here in America?

I did some research the other evening, that has made my research up until this point TRULY meaningful. For what is the point of any good information, if nothing is done about it.
It has been festering in my mind to research Germany pre WWII. What sticks out in my mind about Germany and that time period, is that a lot of people died, for seemingly no good reason at all. Most history books that are being taught in most American schools today usually generally say that Hitler started WWII simply because he was a Jew hating mad man.

Correct me if I am wrong, but why start a World War and a mass killing of the Jews for no good reason at all. How could a mad man influence the entire country to hate the Jews and start war? Do people in general follow mad men very easily?  Maybe there were some damn good reasons that Hitler hated the Jews that are being excluded out of the history books on purpose.

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As I say in most of my train of thought, if you follow the money, you find the culprits of almost any war.

This is my belief based upon research, experience, and history.

The real enemies of America are Zionist Jews such as Alan Greenspan former head of the Federal Reserve. Basically big time Jews that have monetary and geopolitical influence and are in control of the private NON-American Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has private share holders.

Hitler hated the Jews because the Jews controlled much of German society in business, politics, and in media; and the Jews started getting big-headed by bad mouthing the German way of life via movies and media.

Now does that sound a little familiar with how the Jews control Hollywood, the Fed, and media here in the US?

Supposedly at one point of time Hitler was overrunning the Russians in Stalingrad to end WWII. What Americans are taught is that Hitler’s supply chain was broken due to bad weather in Russia during the winter. From what my research has shown, bankers that originally backed Hitler pulled their support for his war effort just before he ended up taking Stalingrad. The Federal Reserve, the IMF, and many other banks owned by Jewish interests are so evil and greedy that they pit Americans against Americans, Germans against Germans, and nations against nations, finance both sides of wars, and both sides end up dead or in insurmountable debt to Jewish interests.