Bishop Dennis Leonard and Heritage Christian Center

Bishop Dennis Leonard





The Life of Dennis Leonard

My family and I went to this church for over 10 years, tithed, my family was in the choir, and my sister and I were in the youth group. One day the Denver Post wrote an article on Dennis Leonard and “The Prosperity Gospel.” The article was well written and documented number one. In the article the writer had interviews with State Representative Debbie Stafford and EX Church Admin and Pastor Laurie Randolph. What they had to say was really common knowledge if you had a significant history with the church at all.

Here is a link to that article:

One day my mom asked Dennis how much money he was making while he was in the bookstore in the old Denver Heritage Christian Center. He started yelling that my mom had a demon in her, and he had his body guards swiftly escort her out. Keep in mind, my mom is 5ft 4in tall. She is a little lady. Apparently she asked the right question. The question that too many others were afraid to ask.

The Truth About Dennis Leonard

Dennis totally misleads those that follow him.

I stopped going to Heritage Christian Center in Denver Colorado when I got Non-Hadgkins Lymphoma cancer at the age of 23, and Heritage Christian Center would not shell out a nickel to help me. My family had been going there for over 10 years, we were very active in the church, served, my parents were both in the choir, my sister and I were in the youth group, and my parents tithed an estimated $30,000 at least over the years to this church. They acted like they did not even know me. All the while Dennis Leonard at one point had a personal jet, body guards, Rolex, expansive suit collection, limos, and the best wife money could buy.

If you go to this businessman’s church, do yourself a favor by leaving and never looking back. Dennis, and his sons Mark and Garrott, need to get a license in decency and a lesson in humanity. These people are businessmen and women, and they sell Jesus, forgiveness, and prosperity at the expense of your wallet. That is the name of the game, period.

I hope that this article helps people before they waste any more of their time with this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Since Dennis has sold the Heritage Christian Center real estate to the Potter’s House, Dennis has taken the profits and moved the business to San Diego preying upon the poor and impoverished yet again.

If you have had dealings with this man, his wife, or his sons, please comment below and help others. I will post your comment as is. We need to hold this man accountable until he steps down from any type of spiritual leadership position. It is our duty to protect others in our community.