Is America Going to Fall

Is America Going to Fall










It really amazes me to still see the amount of Obama stickers I see in car windows sometimes. More than that, it scares me. People still believe in politics and politicians.

Number one, politicians don’t give a fuck about you. It does not matter whether they are Democrat or Republican. They have their own interests and agendas in mind. This is the case because they are only human beings and they are politicians. Politicians are worse than lawyers. They lie, cheat, steal, murder, and yet there are people in our country that believe a change in office will remedy the issues that America faces. The problems of economy, open borders, and freedoms being stripped from American citizens left and right will only be worsened by politicians because politicians are elected by corporate interests.

Here are some reasons why America could fail. Number one, our money supply is owned by a Private FOR-Profit Bank. Number two, the Second Amendment is being incrementally stripped from American law abiding citizens. Government is the only one that can protect themselves. You will have nothing to protect yourself from government. Government is soon going to tell you how many craps you can take in a day without you having any say at all. This is due to the fact that Americans are afraid to criticize BIG Government publicly when it is a Constitutional right. The American public has already had their balls in a vice for so long, they do not even know that their balls and freedoms are almost all gone.

You May be the Little Guy, But Hold BIG Government Accountable

Balls in a Vice








When will the American public finally wake up to the tyranny of the government take-over of our beloved nation. Government is a corporation that is above the law. They can not be tried, but for your little infractions you get sent to jail or severely fined. Government gets to collect taxes on almost every good and service, whether foreign or domestic, but who taxes and holds Government accountable? No one. Now I know that we are not a third world country, but if this continues, I would rather live in a third world country to be free, do as I wish, and live how I would like to live.

Americans today love security. Freedom comes second. Amid all of the Edward Snowden NSA document releases, people are already forgetting one of the biggest proved stories of tyranny, corruption, and spying on law-abiding taxpaying American citizens. No one cares. Everyone thinks that things will just calm down and be all-right. Sure that makes sense, not doing something about a huge problem will handle the issue. Not fighting for your freedoms will put Government in check. That makes perfect sense. If that is your logic, then just scoop the pink ooze out of your head right now, because you are no longer in need of it.

Brain Dead








When did the American people lose their balls, freedoms, and liberties? Many have been stolen. It is our duty to ourselves to take them back by force if needed. All that we have left in this country is freedom; and if we do not exercise it, what will we have left? We are the last stand. Last stronghold. If freedom is lost here, there is no where else to go.