Does Government Spy Us

Does the Government Spy on American Citizens












Does Government Spy On Us?

The answer is no, the government is only looking for American terrorists. What a bunch of bullshit. For those that still do not see that government is spying on you when you drive your car, when you use your phone, or when you search online, get the fuck off of my blog. You are a lemming.

For those of you that have half a brain, do your research, and are intellectuals, you are invited to read on and contribute your opinion. You can participate with the rest of us that question, apply the scientific method, and who have pink matter in our skulls.

Story time…

My father is from the Czech Republic. He moved to the United States Corporation during the late 70’s early 80’s. When settling out the details of his green card, both him and my mother were asked a series of questions. One question, that a US government worker asked, was, “I see that at the age of 8 you were involved in a boy’s organization for three months that had Communist ties. Are you still involved in the Communist Party of the Czech Republic or Soviet Union?” My father and mother look at each other in bewilderment…

My father told me that he was in our version of what we call Boy Scouts.

I tell this story not for readers to target my dad. I tell this story for readers to see that, during the 70’s and 80’s, a low level government worker knew detailed information about my father. This gentleman worked for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. How could government find out that information about someone that is an immigrant? My father had been in the country for very little time, lived half a world away, and he was learning the English language. Therefore the better question is, what does government really know about you that you don’t particularly want to share?

I posted a picture of the movie cover “Enemy of the State” up above. If you have not seen that movie, rent it tonight at your local video store, on Netflix, or on demand with your local cable provider. That movie was accurate about the capabilities that US government had a the time. That was 1998, 15 years ago. Yes, I know it was just a movie, but evidence right now is showing that the information, technology, and spying on American citizens is not only probable, it is most definite.

You have to check out this video: