Can America Be Fixed

Can America Be Fixed









There was a couple that I met that still believes in the concept called God.  In this particular case that God was Jesus.  I used to be a Christian and this couple was trying to re-save me.  The one lady went as far as to tell my girlfriend that she was worried about me behind my back.  This lady also had the nerve to say that I was wrong when I clearly knew more facts and have done more research on different subjects than she had.  And the final cherry on the top was that this couple tried to keep us held captive for another 15 minutes to push Jesus on us when I had already told them that I was saved. Whew!

Rule of thumb number one, when you’re trying to express your views and influence someone you don’t have to force them into your way of thinking in order to influence them.  This couple was selling Jesus and I did not want to have any part thereof.

Who knows if Jesus even really was an actual person?  It says so in the Bible, but who was the bible written by?  You have all the authors of this Bible that were supposedly divinely inspired by God.  Well that is funny. The last man that said that he was inspired by God was George Bush and his election date.  I guess it’s good to go to war with other countries just to take their oil. That’s what God is all about right? I guess that is what Jesus believes as well since he is an oil tycoon.

No one truly knows whether Jesus was alive are not. No one truly knows what lies beyond the grave. There might be life, or there might be nothing.  People are so quick to sell their individual religion that they lose people on the way by forcing them at their wrist to believe exactly what they believe or they’re going to go to hell. How convenient. That sounds more like two children not getting their way and using two year old logic to handle greater issues.

I hate religion almost as much as I hate politics.  Jesus did the same. Jesus did not like the Pharisees or the money changers (banking system) in the temple.  The same thing is going on today that was going on then.  You have hypocrites claim they follow Jesus, but yet they force you by the wrist to follow their god.  These people will be better off just simply helping people and not mentioning Jesus’.  If Jesus or God truly exist they do not have to prove themselves to you.  It is much like being the father of a child.  If that child does not like the father when he grows, and that child does not even want to be associated with the father, that child still belongs to that father. Facts like those can never change. Therefore if God or Jesus exists, they exist. If not, then they don’t. The only way to truly know an answer to an eternal question like this is to kick the bucket yourself.

My biggest problem with people today is that they just don’t use their brains anymore.  People believe anything as long as there’s something to believe, for is better to believe and have faith, that to not believe in anything in all.  This may be true, but I guess it depends upon what you believe in.  The Nazis created their own political and religious system in order to brainwash the masses.  Spiritually much of that is going on in the United States today. People don’t even know that they themselves are being brainwashed. All that people in the US are taught to care about are sports figures and celebrities since their lives are so lack-luster.

In Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” and “A Clockwork Orange” Kubrick detailed a system of the military industrial complex and the concept of mind control.  Not many people also know that Walt Disney is involved with mind control.

Remember the movie Aladdin and how Jaffar would always control the King of that nation with the snake staff.  Whenever Jaffar wanted to get his way he would use the snake staff to mind control the ruler.  The exact same thing is going on worldwide today.

What is going to happen sooner rather than later, is that rulers are getting together through the U.N. and they’re going to decide who takes over the world in WWIII.  Will it be the Russians? Will be the Chinese? Or will it be the US?  My bet is that it will most likely be the Chinese or the Russians in that specific order.

People in America have not cared for some time now and they never will ever again.  There are people who do care. They are called patriots, but they are becoming a dying breed because it is not popular to talk about current events or about with-holding the Constitution anymore.  The only thing that America has left is the NFL and celebrities. People flock to these two institutions because their lives are not important and they have to follow other people because they do not have their own lives to live.  Americans now have to live their lives through celebrities and sports figures because that is how they are taught. Remember, even Rome had the Coliseum.

Is it funny how everyone is influenced by politics, but that topic is a no no topic in normal conversation. People just don’t want talk about it.  People would just rather argue about a bad call on a sports game or the latest celebrity scandal rather than news that affects their daily life, health care, education, and economy. Makes sense to me.

More and more I see people saying you’re right to me than ever before.  However I’m not looking to be right. I really really hope that I’m wrong in a lot of my beliefs.  The fact remains at the end the day that people just do not care anymore unless something affects them right now. People have lost their standards and morals of what it is to be a TRUE American.

My only advice and closing is that the Second Amendment is the only reason why America is still standing.  Without the right for man or a woman to protect him or herself from anyone, tyranny will only follow. Freedom will remain as long as the Second Amendment is protected. Our Founding Fathers embedded in our Constitution to have the freedom of speech, religion, press, bear arms, and form militias against oppressive governments. What will you do in moving forward?  Follow the Constitution and hold Senators, Congressmen, city mayor, and the local police force to follow that document legally, or will you choose to divide America to the point of full slavery. As Benjamin Franklin put it, “Those who give up freedom for security will get neither.” Will you get together within your community and fight political tyrants that are representing you?

You can do so by going to:

At this site you can contact your local city, state, and Federal representatives to write them letters, give your opinion on the matter, and hold them accountable before guns are fully drawn on the law abiding taxpaying citizen.

Donald Trump asked for Obama’s birth certificate some time ago if you remember.  It took a couple months just to doctor-up this paper.  If it was such a big question and if there was so much controversy around and Donald Trump’s question, why could government not produce the document way earlier than they did?  Why was that whole event shoved under the table after three seconds of showing that document on a shaky screen?  The fact of the matter is that America is no longer owned by We the People.  We must take it back through peaceful resistance.  That is the true way that Jesus fought the Pharisees and the rulers.  That is the way that Gandhi fought the British.  That is a way that Martin Luther king won against oppressive government of his time.

In moving forward if you just establish yourself under the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment and use your heart you’ll be just fine.  It won’t be easy, but even our Founding Fathers had to fight wars against people who were trying to take their God given right of freedom.  If you will not fight for freedom now at the local level, slavery is the only thing that will follow.

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