Can America Be Fixed

Can America Be Fixed









There was a couple that I met that still believes in the concept called God.  In this particular case that God was Jesus.  I used to be a Christian and this couple was trying to re-save me.  The one lady went as far as to tell my girlfriend that she was worried about me behind my back.  This lady also had the nerve to say that I was wrong when I clearly knew more facts and have done more research on different subjects than she had.  And the final cherry on the top was that this couple tried to keep us held captive for another 15 minutes to push Jesus on us when I had already told them that I was saved. Whew!

Rule of thumb number one, when you’re trying to express your views and influence someone you don’t have to force them into your way of thinking in order to influence them.  This couple was selling Jesus and I did not want to have any part thereof.

Who knows if Jesus even really was an actual person?  It says so in the Bible, but who was the bible written by?  You have all the authors of this Bible that were supposedly divinely inspired by God.  Well that is funny. The last man that said that he was inspired by God was George Bush and his election date.  I guess it’s good to go to war with other countries just to take their oil. That’s what God is all about right? I guess that is what Jesus believes as well since he is an oil tycoon.

No one truly knows whether Jesus was alive are not. No one truly knows what lies beyond the grave. There might be life, or there might be nothing.  People are so quick to sell their individual religion that they lose people on the way by forcing them at their wrist to believe exactly what they believe or they’re going to go to hell. How convenient. That sounds more like two children not getting their way and using two year old logic to handle greater issues.

I hate religion almost as much as I hate politics.  Jesus did the same. Jesus did not like the Pharisees or the money changers (banking system) in the temple.  The same thing is going on today that was going on then.  You have hypocrites claim they follow Jesus, but yet they force you by the wrist to follow their god.  These people will be better off just simply helping people and not mentioning Jesus’.  If Jesus or God truly exist they do not have to prove themselves to you.  It is much like being the father of a child.  If that child does not like the father when he grows, and that child does not even want to be associated with the father, that child still belongs to that father. Facts like those can never change. Therefore if God or Jesus exists, they exist. If not, then they don’t. The only way to truly know an answer to an eternal question like this is to kick the bucket yourself.

My biggest problem with people today is that they just don’t use their brains anymore.  People believe anything as long as there’s something to believe, for is better to believe and have faith, that to not believe in anything in all.  This may be true, but I guess it depends upon what you believe in.  The Nazis created their own political and religious system in order to brainwash the masses.  Spiritually much of that is going on in the United States today. People don’t even know that they themselves are being brainwashed. All that people in the US are taught to care about are sports figures and celebrities since their lives are so lack-luster.

In Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” and “A Clockwork Orange” Kubrick detailed a system of the military industrial complex and the concept of mind control.  Not many people also know that Walt Disney is involved with mind control.

Remember the movie Aladdin and how Jaffar would always control the King of that nation with the snake staff.  Whenever Jaffar wanted to get his way he would use the snake staff to mind control the ruler.  The exact same thing is going on worldwide today.

What is going to happen sooner rather than later, is that rulers are getting together through the U.N. and they’re going to decide who takes over the world in WWIII.  Will it be the Russians? Will be the Chinese? Or will it be the US?  My bet is that it will most likely be the Chinese or the Russians in that specific order.

People in America have not cared for some time now and they never will ever again.  There are people who do care. They are called patriots, but they are becoming a dying breed because it is not popular to talk about current events or about with-holding the Constitution anymore.  The only thing that America has left is the NFL and celebrities. People flock to these two institutions because their lives are not important and they have to follow other people because they do not have their own lives to live.  Americans now have to live their lives through celebrities and sports figures because that is how they are taught. Remember, even Rome had the Coliseum.

Is it funny how everyone is influenced by politics, but that topic is a no no topic in normal conversation. People just don’t want talk about it.  People would just rather argue about a bad call on a sports game or the latest celebrity scandal rather than news that affects their daily life, health care, education, and economy. Makes sense to me.

More and more I see people saying you’re right to me than ever before.  However I’m not looking to be right. I really really hope that I’m wrong in a lot of my beliefs.  The fact remains at the end the day that people just do not care anymore unless something affects them right now. People have lost their standards and morals of what it is to be a TRUE American.

My only advice and closing is that the Second Amendment is the only reason why America is still standing.  Without the right for man or a woman to protect him or herself from anyone, tyranny will only follow. Freedom will remain as long as the Second Amendment is protected. Our Founding Fathers embedded in our Constitution to have the freedom of speech, religion, press, bear arms, and form militias against oppressive governments. What will you do in moving forward?  Follow the Constitution and hold Senators, Congressmen, city mayor, and the local police force to follow that document legally, or will you choose to divide America to the point of full slavery. As Benjamin Franklin put it, “Those who give up freedom for security will get neither.” Will you get together within your community and fight political tyrants that are representing you?

You can do so by going to:

At this site you can contact your local city, state, and Federal representatives to write them letters, give your opinion on the matter, and hold them accountable before guns are fully drawn on the law abiding taxpaying citizen.

Donald Trump asked for Obama’s birth certificate some time ago if you remember.  It took a couple months just to doctor-up this paper.  If it was such a big question and if there was so much controversy around and Donald Trump’s question, why could government not produce the document way earlier than they did?  Why was that whole event shoved under the table after three seconds of showing that document on a shaky screen?  The fact of the matter is that America is no longer owned by We the People.  We must take it back through peaceful resistance.  That is the true way that Jesus fought the Pharisees and the rulers.  That is the way that Gandhi fought the British.  That is a way that Martin Luther king won against oppressive government of his time.

In moving forward if you just establish yourself under the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment and use your heart you’ll be just fine.  It won’t be easy, but even our Founding Fathers had to fight wars against people who were trying to take their God given right of freedom.  If you will not fight for freedom now at the local level, slavery is the only thing that will follow.

Please feel free to comment even if you disagree 🙂


Trapwire – Real ID DMV Program, Facial Recognition, and Traffic Cameras


I have been asking myself about video cameras on street corners and highways for quite some time now.  What is the program called the controls these city State and Federal traffic cameras?  How much of the budget of our tax dollars are used to fund these types of programs?  What types of information do the street cams collect; and who does that information go to?  These are all great questions and I will address them individually below.

What is the program called the controls these City, State, and Federal traffic cameras? 

Updated: 7-11-15 

“This Program is called Trapwire  Source: Wikipedia & Business Insider”

This morning I called our State Senator Mark Udall’s office in Washington, DC, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, the 311 city information line, the Dept of Public Works for the City and County of Denver (720) 913-1311, the Public Announcement Dept (303) 757-9361, the Administration at Police Department of Denver, and John White for the Police Department of Denver Media inquiries at (720) 663-8203. To say the least, got very little information.

How much of the budget of our tax dollars are used a fund these types of programs?

So far I was not able to get a dollar amount on the actual funds that are required to keep this program operational.  The Police Department of Denver has directed me to contact the Budget Dept of Public Works for City and County of Denver at (720) 913-1311.

The more specific my questions were, the more fearful and vague the answers became.  My main question was, are our local, state, and Federal governments trying to entrap Americans with the Real ID Program that has been issued and Beta tested in the State of Florida.  The Real ID program was initially involved with certain aspects of the space shuttle.  The technology does in fact exist, and is being used in airports throughout the US right now.

One of the companies that created this project, clearly shows the use of the program, how quickly the program can recognize a face walking in a crowd, as well as its interlinking between city, state, and Federal data on an individual in real time (see video below).

What types of information do the street cams collect; and who does that information go to?

Police officials in the city and county of Denver said that these traffic cams are used for public safety purposes.  Some traffic cams are also used for high traffic intersections where a lot of accidents occur.  Others are used in areas where people have been actively running red lights.

Any information recorded goes to the local city or state governments first.  Then that information can be redirected out at a Federal level depending upon the information gathered.

There are three types of cameras that are located on either highways or streets within towns and cities.  There are Photo Red light cameras in a high accident intersections.  There are Public Works cameras that are handled by the Denver Department of Public Works for purposes of gaining traffic and weather conditions.  There are also state highway cameras, ran by the State of Colorado. These cameras monitor public safety and general types of behavior as quoted from John White from Media Relations at the Denver Police Department.

From what John White told me, the Denver Police Department and the State of Colorado run independently of one another. Although I’m sure they are ran independently, it is the information sharing between the agencies of city, state, and the Federal government that make me beyond hesitant about these programs, their use, and their real purpose.  Although that real purpose may not be clearly defined by any state, local, or Federal representative, if you watch this video below, you’ll see the real life application of this software that you can draw your own opinion from.

If you would like to fight this issue in your own locality, go to

Contacting the

Bishop Dennis Leonard and Heritage Christian Center

Bishop Dennis Leonard





The Life of Dennis Leonard

My family and I went to this church for over 10 years, tithed, my family was in the choir, and my sister and I were in the youth group. One day the Denver Post wrote an article on Dennis Leonard and “The Prosperity Gospel.” The article was well written and documented number one. In the article the writer had interviews with State Representative Debbie Stafford and EX Church Admin and Pastor Laurie Randolph. What they had to say was really common knowledge if you had a significant history with the church at all.

Here is a link to that article:

One day my mom asked Dennis how much money he was making while he was in the bookstore in the old Denver Heritage Christian Center. He started yelling that my mom had a demon in her, and he had his body guards swiftly escort her out. Keep in mind, my mom is 5ft 4in tall. She is a little lady. Apparently she asked the right question. The question that too many others were afraid to ask.

The Truth About Dennis Leonard

Dennis totally misleads those that follow him.

I stopped going to Heritage Christian Center in Denver Colorado when I got Non-Hadgkins Lymphoma cancer at the age of 23, and Heritage Christian Center would not shell out a nickel to help me. My family had been going there for over 10 years, we were very active in the church, served, my parents were both in the choir, my sister and I were in the youth group, and my parents tithed an estimated $30,000 at least over the years to this church. They acted like they did not even know me. All the while Dennis Leonard at one point had a personal jet, body guards, Rolex, expansive suit collection, limos, and the best wife money could buy.

If you go to this businessman’s church, do yourself a favor by leaving and never looking back. Dennis, and his sons Mark and Garrott, need to get a license in decency and a lesson in humanity. These people are businessmen and women, and they sell Jesus, forgiveness, and prosperity at the expense of your wallet. That is the name of the game, period.

I hope that this article helps people before they waste any more of their time with this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Since Dennis has sold the Heritage Christian Center real estate to the Potter’s House, Dennis has taken the profits and moved the business to San Diego preying upon the poor and impoverished yet again.

If you have had dealings with this man, his wife, or his sons, please comment below and help others. I will post your comment as is. We need to hold this man accountable until he steps down from any type of spiritual leadership position. It is our duty to protect others in our community.

Is America Going to Fall

Is America Going to Fall










It really amazes me to still see the amount of Obama stickers I see in car windows sometimes. More than that, it scares me. People still believe in politics and politicians.

Number one, politicians don’t give a fuck about you. It does not matter whether they are Democrat or Republican. They have their own interests and agendas in mind. This is the case because they are only human beings and they are politicians. Politicians are worse than lawyers. They lie, cheat, steal, murder, and yet there are people in our country that believe a change in office will remedy the issues that America faces. The problems of economy, open borders, and freedoms being stripped from American citizens left and right will only be worsened by politicians because politicians are elected by corporate interests.

Here are some reasons why America could fail. Number one, our money supply is owned by a Private FOR-Profit Bank. Number two, the Second Amendment is being incrementally stripped from American law abiding citizens. Government is the only one that can protect themselves. You will have nothing to protect yourself from government. Government is soon going to tell you how many craps you can take in a day without you having any say at all. This is due to the fact that Americans are afraid to criticize BIG Government publicly when it is a Constitutional right. The American public has already had their balls in a vice for so long, they do not even know that their balls and freedoms are almost all gone.

You May be the Little Guy, But Hold BIG Government Accountable

Balls in a Vice








When will the American public finally wake up to the tyranny of the government take-over of our beloved nation. Government is a corporation that is above the law. They can not be tried, but for your little infractions you get sent to jail or severely fined. Government gets to collect taxes on almost every good and service, whether foreign or domestic, but who taxes and holds Government accountable? No one. Now I know that we are not a third world country, but if this continues, I would rather live in a third world country to be free, do as I wish, and live how I would like to live.

Americans today love security. Freedom comes second. Amid all of the Edward Snowden NSA document releases, people are already forgetting one of the biggest proved stories of tyranny, corruption, and spying on law-abiding taxpaying American citizens. No one cares. Everyone thinks that things will just calm down and be all-right. Sure that makes sense, not doing something about a huge problem will handle the issue. Not fighting for your freedoms will put Government in check. That makes perfect sense. If that is your logic, then just scoop the pink ooze out of your head right now, because you are no longer in need of it.

Brain Dead








When did the American people lose their balls, freedoms, and liberties? Many have been stolen. It is our duty to ourselves to take them back by force if needed. All that we have left in this country is freedom; and if we do not exercise it, what will we have left? We are the last stand. Last stronghold. If freedom is lost here, there is no where else to go.

Does Government Spy Us

Does the Government Spy on American Citizens












Does Government Spy On Us?

The answer is no, the government is only looking for American terrorists. What a bunch of bullshit. For those that still do not see that government is spying on you when you drive your car, when you use your phone, or when you search online, get the fuck off of my blog. You are a lemming.

For those of you that have half a brain, do your research, and are intellectuals, you are invited to read on and contribute your opinion. You can participate with the rest of us that question, apply the scientific method, and who have pink matter in our skulls.

Story time…

My father is from the Czech Republic. He moved to the United States Corporation during the late 70’s early 80’s. When settling out the details of his green card, both him and my mother were asked a series of questions. One question, that a US government worker asked, was, “I see that at the age of 8 you were involved in a boy’s organization for three months that had Communist ties. Are you still involved in the Communist Party of the Czech Republic or Soviet Union?” My father and mother look at each other in bewilderment…

My father told me that he was in our version of what we call Boy Scouts.

I tell this story not for readers to target my dad. I tell this story for readers to see that, during the 70’s and 80’s, a low level government worker knew detailed information about my father. This gentleman worked for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. How could government find out that information about someone that is an immigrant? My father had been in the country for very little time, lived half a world away, and he was learning the English language. Therefore the better question is, what does government really know about you that you don’t particularly want to share?

I posted a picture of the movie cover “Enemy of the State” up above. If you have not seen that movie, rent it tonight at your local video store, on Netflix, or on demand with your local cable provider. That movie was accurate about the capabilities that US government had a the time. That was 1998, 15 years ago. Yes, I know it was just a movie, but evidence right now is showing that the information, technology, and spying on American citizens is not only probable, it is most definite.

You have to check out this video:

The Real Reasons that Hitler Hated the Jews

I was thinking the other night, who really stands to gain from civil unrest, martial law, or a stirred up civil war here in America?

I did some research the other evening, that has made my research up until this point TRULY meaningful. For what is the point of any good information, if nothing is done about it.
It has been festering in my mind to research Germany pre WWII. What sticks out in my mind about Germany and that time period, is that a lot of people died, for seemingly no good reason at all. Most history books that are being taught in most American schools today usually generally say that Hitler started WWII simply because he was a Jew hating mad man.

Correct me if I am wrong, but why start a World War and a mass killing of the Jews for no good reason at all. How could a mad man influence the entire country to hate the Jews and start war? Do people in general follow mad men very easily?  Maybe there were some damn good reasons that Hitler hated the Jews that are being excluded out of the history books on purpose.

Check out this article found at

As I say in most of my train of thought, if you follow the money, you find the culprits of almost any war.

This is my belief based upon research, experience, and history.

The real enemies of America are Zionist Jews such as Alan Greenspan former head of the Federal Reserve. Basically big time Jews that have monetary and geopolitical influence and are in control of the private NON-American Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has private share holders.

Hitler hated the Jews because the Jews controlled much of German society in business, politics, and in media; and the Jews started getting big-headed by bad mouthing the German way of life via movies and media.

Now does that sound a little familiar with how the Jews control Hollywood, the Fed, and media here in the US?

Supposedly at one point of time Hitler was overrunning the Russians in Stalingrad to end WWII. What Americans are taught is that Hitler’s supply chain was broken due to bad weather in Russia during the winter. From what my research has shown, bankers that originally backed Hitler pulled their support for his war effort just before he ended up taking Stalingrad. The Federal Reserve, the IMF, and many other banks owned by Jewish interests are so evil and greedy that they pit Americans against Americans, Germans against Germans, and nations against nations, finance both sides of wars, and both sides end up dead or in insurmountable debt to Jewish interests.

Is Alex Jones CIA?

Is Alex Jones CIAIs Alex Jones CIA?

I do believe that some key interest groups do want massive civil war in America, unfortunately there is so much dis-information and propaganda out there that the reasons are being clearly convoluted. I am still a listener of Alex Jones and his radio show, but after researching both him and his show that is aired on the Genesis Communications Network it gets harder and harder to say whose side people really are on. GCN is supposedly a financial affiliate with ABC of whom Disney is an affiliate with.

Now, I always say follow the money trail and you will find the answers. One thing that seems more than fishy to me is that Alex Jones always says how mind controlling Disney is, yet the GCN is a direct affiliate with whom Jones says are the “BAD MEN.” In life, coincidences like this one never are coincidences. It seems to me, from research and being a listener, that Alex Jones most likely is most likely backed by the CIA to spy and collect information on actual patriots.

Think about it. What better way to spy on true patriots than to create a patriot show affiliated with Disneyfoneyland to data collect on patriots that directly:  call in on the show, add in their contact info on the InfoWars forum, or users that subscribe to Prison Planet TV?

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media” – attributed to Former CIA director, William Colby. Why is Jones never harmed by the government that he speaks out so loudly about?

Now more than ever before, the world is seeing how true many of these accusations are. What was once “Conspiracty” is now becoming a cold hard reality through whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

The last man that made any serious accusations about Jones ended up dead. His name was Bill Cooper who was Ex Naval Intelligence, author of “Behold a Pale Horse”, and radio host of “The Hour of the Time” which was a world-wide shortwave radio broadcast. Bill Cooper was the person who was first claiming that 9-11 was merely a government operated stunt to bring about a one world government (see video). Although this has not come to pass yet, globalism is fueling the future whether the American people like it or not. China just makes cheaper Ford diesel engines, iPads, and smart phones. A one world government through the United Nations could be a possibility. All the other fairy tales have come true. Why would men become martyrs to relay this information to the American public if it were not true?

Why is Jones alive; and why is Bill Cooper dead? These are all really great questions that we need to examine. I love what Bill Cooper said, “Trust nothing unless you have proved it with your own research. Then and only then you can find the truth, for most of what you have been taught is a lie.”

Click here for “The Life of Bill Cooper” video.

Alex Jones has 95% good points yes, but he does not give his listeners very many action steps forward in doing much about the information that he gives unless it is about buying Gold, food, or seeds from one of his sponsors. Although those are admirable items to acquire nowadays, don’t be scared into buying things, following people, or being violent to others based upon a certain level of dis-information.

Most likely, it is the CIA that employs Alex Jones.

Think of it this way, if you have a micro phone, some one that appears to be doing good and speaking out “FOR THE PEOPLE” then it is human nature to say, well I don’t have to because some one else knows about this stuff; and they are speaking out about it.

From what I have researched, Alex Jones has made his claim to fame by being on air during the Y2K scare with a massive on air midnight count down. Y2K didn’t happen; and Jones still remained on air solidifying his career by being able to stay on air and tell lies.

Although Jones does give good information, I would definitely question motive, as he does not give his listeners a CLEAR way out of the rabbit hole. For all that we know, many can agree that the world has problems, but few give TRUE answers to these problems.

Question, question, question, before you believe anything; and use your brain before you believe anyone or anything. Do not die by the hand of FREE information, for those that really have good information usually do die by it. Alex Jones will be alive for some time, probably on an island, after he has incited America into a civil war against itself.

Remember, every key leader had their minister of propaganda.