Bishop Dennis Leonard and Heritage Christian Center

Bishop Dennis Leonard





The Life of Dennis Leonard

My family and I went to this church for over 10 years, tithed, my family was in the choir, and my sister and I were in the youth group. One day the Denver Post wrote an article on Dennis Leonard and “The Prosperity Gospel.” The article was well written and documented number one. In the article the writer had interviews with State Representative Debbie Stafford and EX Church Admin and Pastor Laurie Randolph. What they had to say was really common knowledge if you had a significant history with the church at all.

Here is a link to that article:

One day my mom asked Dennis how much money he was making while he was in the bookstore in the old Denver Heritage Christian Center. He started yelling that my mom had a demon in her, and he had his body guards swiftly escort her out. Keep in mind, my mom is 5ft 4in tall. She is a little lady. Apparently she asked the right question. The question that too many others were afraid to ask.

The Truth About Dennis Leonard

Dennis totally misleads those that follow him.

I stopped going to Heritage Christian Center in Denver Colorado when I got Non-Hadgkins Lymphoma cancer at the age of 23, and Heritage Christian Center would not shell out a nickel to help me. My family had been going there for over 10 years, we were very active in the church, served, my parents were both in the choir, my sister and I were in the youth group, and my parents tithed an estimated $30,000 at least over the years to this church. They acted like they did not even know me. All the while Dennis Leonard at one point had a personal jet, body guards, Rolex, expansive suit collection, limos, and the best wife money could buy.

If you go to this businessman’s church, do yourself a favor by leaving and never looking back. Dennis, and his sons Mark and Garrott, need to get a license in decency and a lesson in humanity. These people are businessmen and women, and they sell Jesus, forgiveness, and prosperity at the expense of your wallet. That is the name of the game, period.

I hope that this article helps people before they waste any more of their time with this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Since Dennis has sold the Heritage Christian Center real estate to the Potter’s House, Dennis has taken the profits and moved the business to San Diego preying upon the poor and impoverished yet again.

If you have had dealings with this man, his wife, or his sons, please comment below and help others. I will post your comment as is. We need to hold this man accountable until he steps down from any type of spiritual leadership position. It is our duty to protect others in our community.


  1. I used to go to this church 10 yrs ago. The Lord opened my eyes to what he was really preaching and it was the prosperity crap. I believe his current wife was once his sons ex-girlfriend. I’m really sorry that they treated you and your family that way. The church has a responsibility to help those in need and especially their own members. Dennis Leonard should not be anywhere near a pulpit.

    1. It is true that Michelle was once dating Mark. The father is now married to his son’s ex girlfriend. I forgot about that one. Obviously this article does not recount all of the weird truths about this so-called “Pastor.”

      1. . I attended Heritage also from 1990-96. I remember when his son was dating Michelle. I didn’t know that Dennis married her, Wow!…..I was attending the church when Michell and her husband (Landy) the choir director, moved to town with there kids, and started working at Heritage. Landy stayed in the same apartment building that I was staying in (Shadow Ridge, on Harvard & Havana)…Landy was caught having an affair with his secretary. He then was forced to divorce Michell. Shorty after the divorce, Dennis Leonard’s son started dating her, they might have been together before the divorce. I never heard about Dennis Leonard marring her!…..I was singing in the choir for the entire time I attend Heritage….I was kicked out of the choir by Dennis Leonard…..One Sunday, while I was singing in the choir, Dennis Leonard ordered the Camera Man to “Train” a camera on the choir while Tithes were being collected….He did not see me put any money in “The Bucket”……For that reason, he kicked me out of the choir….Never to return again…

    2. Hi Krystal. I just stopped attending HHC-San Diego myself 2 weeks ago. My eyes were opened about 2 weeks ago during a service. Dennis Leonard collects an offering during the beginning of a service because a guest pastor was due to take the stage. Before the offering, Mr. Leonard exclaims that he believes that anyone who gives will receive a blessing or turnaround in their life in about 30 days. He stated that he could envision someone in the congregation sowing a seed of $1000. Money is collected & guest speaker Bishop George Bloomer takes the pulpit. At the end of his sermon, he stated that he needed 20 people to come forward with a seed of $100. If they did that, he would pray over them & that these givers would receive a special blessing. When GB could only get roughly 10 people to come forward, he began to launch into a another drama infested tirade in order to get more people to sow. When that effort failed, GB ordered people to come forward with a $20 seed. After playing on people’s emotions & realizing that he was not going to receive any more money, George Bloomer gave up & ended the service. Now my question was why were there 2 offerings? Why not collect a single offering & present some of the money to Mr. Bloomer for compensation. The reason is so that Dennis can get his share for the church & Mr. Bloomer his share. For the people who gave $100 apiece to this man, where do they think the money went. It probably went for his travel expenses & personal needs but how much went to the poor? Mr. Bloomer, when I searched his name on the internet, came up in some interesting articles including misconduct in a financial scam with another Bishop. How could such behavior be tolerated in the House of God? People pimping money in the name of the Lord makes me sick!

      1. “Pimping money in the name of Lord” is these people’s day to day business. If you do not pay, they will not pray. That is how things worked back in the day, and that is how they work now. My biggest issue with Dennis is that he particularly preys upon those less fortune when he himself is extremely fortunate. Dennis is merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing preying upon those who get hyped-up into giving. He is no pastor. An everyday salesman or woman conducts themselves in a better manner than this impostor. At least with a salesmen you know that there is an alternative motive. In this case Dennis uses the name of God to do his bidding. When your guard is down, Dennis and his guest pastors’ fleece you for your money then split up the winnings after every sermon. These guys should have been mobsters in Vegas, beautiful business!

  2. I attended HCC-San Diego for close to 2 years. I would like to tell others about my experience & they can be the judge on rather if they should attend Dennis Leonard’s church. Much has been said or published about Mr. Leonard concerning many matters which I cannot confirm but I can however gave a personal account on what I have witnessed in the church. The church has a great choir & is made up of many wonderful & loving people. Mr. Leonard seems like a very nice man & I have talked to him on several occasions. Mr. Leonard is also a skilled speaker & is pleasant to listen to. When I joined HCC, it seemed like a very spiritual experience but over time I noticed that there seemed to be things that were making me uncomfortable or unsettled to say the least. I first noticed that it seemed that most of the sermons, or lets say 60%, were about the NAME IT & CLAIM IT Prosperity Gospel. You show a seed & according to DL, you should see a return or blessing on that seed in 90 days or less. The other 40% seemed to be the self help variety. There is nothing wrong with those topics but you cannot have a ministry that revolves around just those things. DL would also make a statement from time to time which he would announce that God laid upon his heart that a member of the congregation give a seed of a certain amount of money which was usually large. I’ve seen amounts of up to $10,000 dollars stated. I also noticed that the message of giving offerings & tithes in the amount of 10% seemed to be repeated on a regular basis. DL would routinely tell people to quit tipping God by only giving $5 or $10 dollars. DL did state that he does not receive a salary from the church & that the sales from his books & CD’s all go back into the church. He also said that he pays 10% of his tithes into HCC. What DL does is very admirable but the question is what about the tippers who give $5 or $10 dollars? DL is well off but for others, this may be the best that they can do. DL is also wrong on his teachings of giving. The verse he uses in Malachi 3:10 to justify 10% does not apply to us today. This was a command given to the nation of Israel in order to support the priesthood from the tribe of Levi. In the New Testament, when the early church was formed, we can find no commandment on what percentage a believer is to give. To challenge the DL prosperity message, sow a seed & reap a harvest of some kind, we have to examine the bible. First God has never promised that I would have a nice home, a well paying job, health, or any other like blessings. Can God bless me? Yes! God is the one who will determine what blessings I may receive & at what time according to HIS Will. DL has NO spiritual authority to make a claim that I will receive a blessing in a predetermined time frame. I seriously doubt that DL received a message concerning a specified amount of money that was to be given. If we are making a offering in order to expect something in return then perhaps we need to examine ourselves. Truthfully, I deserve no blessing. I believe in giving to help the church spread the gospel, to assist in paying the churches expenses, & to help the needy. With all the discussion focused on giving, blessings, & breakthroughs, I realized that I was not really learning anything about the bible. I also learned that DL has never attended a Bible College or Seminary. Without this degree of training, It is going to be impossible to get more in depth into the bible. DL has also on 2 occasions that I have witnessed, had his wife preaching in the pulpit. I would like to remind DL of 2nd Timothy where it states that women are NOT to be ordained as a pastor ministering & preaching to the body of believers. I have nothing personally against Mr. Leonard & I pray that he will come to repentance over these matters & correct his behavior. I can no longer turn a blind eye to the apostasy.

  3. My husband and I attended HTC in Aurora Colorado for about a year. At first we loved it but after a while we realized it was all about the money. What got me was one Sunday DL asked us to give our offering to the person on our left and if the person on our right did not hand us his offering we needed to get into our pockets and Provide money for them.. Then we were told to hold up the money so he could pray over it. At that point I knew it was all about the money and a he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Beware of false prophets.

    1. I had the same experience many years ago…Our giving to the Lord is supposed to be discreet and willing. Also, my family were asked to move from a front row seats because those were reserved for their very generous givers. It was very embarrassing. I never went back to that church again. He is a wolf in sheepskin and folks need to know that.

  4. I too attended HCC, right at the beginning of the orientation.. I recognized he came off as a business man.. he ran HCC as a business… remember the 4 page article about all of the toys, money he had that ran in the Denver Post.. on October 8, 2006.. I just read online, it told of the real estate scam his whole family was in.. claiming to help people buy a home.. yeah at twice the cost.. so with that said, Maybe San Diego needed a business man and knew that Dennis could “manipulate” people with soft hearts to give to the wealthy once again!!

  5. The internet has helped expose Prosperity Preachers for what they are and always have been . Snake Oil Salesmen and women
    They simple tell people what they want to hear. “You can bet rich, never be sick again and and go to Heaven if you give me all your money. Kind of like the Lottery and Power Ball promises riches. It is what keeps the fools hanging from week to week and drawing to drawing while the promoters gets rich. It will be interesting to the see these con men eat their own as the word spreads and the pie of fools grows smaller and smaller and the offering plate drys up.

  6. I went to HCC in aurora and was fooled at first. Then I realized that he constantly asked for money and promised a return from God if we did. What was the final straw was when he changed the Food Pantry rules. He started requiring people to attend service and get a ticket of “proof” before they were allowed to get anything from the Food donations. I couldn’t believe anyone could require someone to hear the gospel before receiving my charity. This is completely against the teachings of Jesus


  8. Do not set your eyes on men…set your eyes on Jesus. Many pastors focus on the financial area is not cheap to run a building, electricity, water, rent. Do what the bible commands and serve God.that’s all and if the men on the pulpit are being dishonest let God deal with them.

  9. He’s back!!!!! The one image that is forever burned in my memory was when I attended the Easter service at the church run by the snakeoil salesman named “Pastor” Dennis Leonard. Everything was going fine; it was really a very good Passion play. And then they committed a sin so heinous I was speechless. It was toward the end, when Jesus was on the cross. Jesus got off the cross and came down to beg for money from the audience. Let me say that again because it is so horrifying you may not believe it. JESUS GOT OFF THE CROSS AND CAME DOWN INTO THE CONGREGATION TO ASK FOR MONEY and then got back up on the cross and the play continued. This happened years ago and I still cannot believe it!

  10. I attended Heritage Christian Center as a single mom of three for about 8 years. Dennis preached that if I tithed that God would provide. Dennis preached that if I did not my finances would be cursed. Mostly he preached about prosperity and that you are commanded to give the tithe and if you gave above the tithe you would be blessed. At that time there was a singles group. Dennis was married to his second wife. He would parade Michelle (his current wife) across the stage and say. “Lookie here, lookie here at this fine Christian lady in our singles group” to show the young men what was available. Shortly after second wife was gone and he is married to Michelle. There was also a job finding service at the church. Only for tithers and if you were not they took 10% from your earnings. My kids went without so I could tithe leaving me to go to the food bank. The food was crap. Very unbalanced nutritionally, not something to give your family. Once people were saved there was no further training offered. Messages were repeated over and over. If you believed strongly enough, you were healed leaving the implication that if you didn’t get your healing you did not believe strongly enough. Today, I am so skeptical of preachers that I am always looking for the flaws. The minute they start asking for money, I am gone. My daughters are both afraid of anything that has to do with Christianity. Everyone in my family was and is damaged. Now I hear Dennis is back in Denver starting up the church again. This is a scary thing to me. Took me longer than most to figure it out but it was a terrible experience for me and my family. I pray someone will do something to stop others from being hurt by Dennis Leonard.

    Kris S.

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