The Real Reasons that Hitler Hated the Jews

I was thinking the other night, who really stands to gain from civil unrest, martial law, or a stirred up civil war here in America?

I did some research the other evening, that has made my research up until this point TRULY meaningful. For what is the point of any good information, if nothing is done about it.
It has been festering in my mind to research Germany pre WWII. What sticks out in my mind about Germany and that time period, is that a lot of people died, for seemingly no good reason at all. Most history books that are being taught in most American schools today usually generally say that Hitler started WWII simply because he was a Jew hating mad man.

Correct me if I am wrong, but why start a World War and a mass killing of the Jews for no good reason at all. How could a mad man influence the entire country to hate the Jews and start war? Do people in general follow mad men very easily?  Maybe there were some damn good reasons that Hitler hated the Jews that are being excluded out of the history books on purpose.

Check out this article found at

As I say in most of my train of thought, if you follow the money, you find the culprits of almost any war.

This is my belief based upon research, experience, and history.

The real enemies of America are Zionist Jews such as Alan Greenspan former head of the Federal Reserve. Basically big time Jews that have monetary and geopolitical influence and are in control of the private NON-American Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has private share holders.

Hitler hated the Jews because the Jews controlled much of German society in business, politics, and in media; and the Jews started getting big-headed by bad mouthing the German way of life via movies and media.

Now does that sound a little familiar with how the Jews control Hollywood, the Fed, and media here in the US?

Supposedly at one point of time Hitler was overrunning the Russians in Stalingrad to end WWII. What Americans are taught is that Hitler’s supply chain was broken due to bad weather in Russia during the winter. From what my research has shown, bankers that originally backed Hitler pulled their support for his war effort just before he ended up taking Stalingrad. The Federal Reserve, the IMF, and many other banks owned by Jewish interests are so evil and greedy that they pit Americans against Americans, Germans against Germans, and nations against nations, finance both sides of wars, and both sides end up dead or in insurmountable debt to Jewish interests.


26 thoughts on “The Real Reasons that Hitler Hated the Jews

    • Boris says:

      There is always a reason or many reasons people go to war.
      All tough this is not a good reason to kill, Japan went to war for oils.
      If you don’t have it, make do.
      It’s not food and not vital to life except as a means to make a living.
      Other countries oils is not yours to take.
      Hitler went to war to stop oppression and poor treatment of by Jews of German people but I am sure it was more the very idea of others thinking they are better than others that made him make war on Jews.
      His point was not to oppress others simply because you can and the Jews could have been any one else and called anything else but the results
      Would have been the same.
      They were bullies.
      Bullies get stopped one way or another.
      Hitler did so and I find myself agreeing with him and thinking I would have liked to meet him if only to hear the truth from him.
      America went to war to prevent the Japanese from trying to take their oil interested at home or afar. Also. Japanese MURDERED almost 4000 naval personnel as part of a strategy that would fail anyway.
      That’s a good reason for war by the US.

      Wars are often fought for ethics, morals and principles and, decency but maybe most of all, to avoid extermination by people’s as heartless as Japanese.
      I have learned that more than 8000 Japanese civilians killed themselves by jumping off buildings simply because the Americans were coming.
      They also murdered their own children right in front of American troops in order to avoid capture.
      I know what you may say but, American soldiers don’t kill without need and I’m sure thy would not have killed civilian Japanese just because they were in the same spot as they.

      But anyone so ruthless as to murder their own children and also have immense disrespect for their own lives can not be trusted for a moment.

      The fire bombing of Japan was horrible to say the least but as with all great measures, there is a greater reason to do so.
      The area bombed was war factories creating weapons to kill others.
      A just military target.

      If the wars had escalated and British and the States hadn’t rise to the occasion it’s very
      Likely that even I as a
      Canadian wouldn’t be typing this right now as Japan would have murdered me however,
      Hitler may not have.
      I’m very Scandinavian.

      • Timmy says:

        HITLER HATED Jews because when he was a young boy and didn’t have a problem with Jews, his mother was sick. His mothers doctor was a Jewish man. When his mom died and the doctor couldn’t help her. Adolf was angry. He wanted revenge and killed Jewish people. —-Learn more by emailing me 😀

  1. Anonymous says:

    Used to teach history in school and they taught the same thing about Hitler that he was evil. I disagreed and wanted to find out more.Your article is great as it brings balance to the picture in history. Thanks.

      • John Galt says:

        The Jews ran the Russian gulags and were responsible for the extermination of 62 million souls, mainly Christian. Approximately 30 to 40% of Stalin’s government were Jewish, A small percentage of Jews have a fanatical need to control the world , finance being the means of such.
        The forgoing might be a good reason for many to exterminate all Jews and let god sort out his own is maybe a simplistic but be acceptable solution to living in a world which is not run by those of the JEWISH FAITH.
        I am an old man, I have no religious beliefs, one of my parents was Catholic the other Protestant, in my fifties my late mother was told she was illegitimate, child of a Jewish aristocrat . I would have no problem directing the extermination of any group of people who would oppress an entire planet for their own ends. I have no knowledge of meeting a Palestinian but would support their cause to reinstate their own country boundaries.
        As for Hitler, the old saying of the first casualty of war is truth is the way to go. Hitler may have been a very enlightened thinker who was trying to save the world from the current tyranny of Jews/US Americans who from my take have no soul. Israel being the tail which wags the dog.
        Yes of course I accept that Hitler gradually lost it, but his ethic’s were no worse than those of the US in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, think agent orange, water-boarding machine gunning innocent unarmed civilians from helicopters.
        Hitlers war machine was far superior to anything in the world at the time.
        The spoils of war, the US harvested much of what was magnificent in German technology.
        Have a nice day

    • Bicky Raab says:

      But he wasn’t.. Do some actual research, and you’ll realize this too. Unfortunately, the amount of research typically required to grasp such a different form of history takes way too much time and energy for the average person to do. (e.g. 6 months)

  2. Howard says:

    Israel is the tail that LEADS the dog! Historical truth has been burne out about pre WW1 Bolsheviks and the revolutions influence on Germany. Jewish nationalism ( as pertaining to a native born country) even then as today, is grossly outnumbered by a fundamentally secular, leftist form of Judaism which is historically saturated within the average jewish way of thinking. EVEN SO… only a rabid ‘gentile’ mind sorts to mass extermination when confronted by his hatred. If you need a reason to hate US… It is because of ENVY… For I know the evils of left wing political thinking! You can envy our intelligence. For that may indeed be the pure crux of the hatred as well as the purely Christian theological reasons which have gone on for centuries. If I can’t change Jews minds towards a more conservative political and social world outlook.. You certainly will not!! Israel and Smerican jewish nationalism will hopefully change the world to a better place!

    • Boris says:

      Mr- Jews don’t regard other people as equal.
      A good example of this is indeed the Hollywood movie machine where only Jewish actors act with other jewish actors.
      The proof is in the pudding.

      • Shumaila Khan says:

        You got it right.. they are religiously tought that they are above all humans beings and the deserves the good even if they need to go on others dead bodies

    • Bicky Raab says:

      But Hitler was never exterminating any jews on a mass scale.. People often confuse the Jewish ‘people’ with the Jewish ‘elite.’ They are VERY, very different. Look into the Khazars.

    • Bicky Raab says:

      If you are referring to Hitler as a rabid “gentile” mind who resorted to mass extermination, then you need to get your facts straight. There was no mass extermination being performed against Jews. The Jewish ‘people’ and Jewish ‘elite’ are very, very different. Do some actual legitimate/thorough research into true world history, especially the Khazars, and you should be able to connect the dots. Also, Hitler’s books and speeches shed much light on this topic. He wasn’t a mad-man, but a hero whose heroics will never see the light of day.

      • you are on to something . enlighten us with these different Jewish types because still trying to figure out who is who. I would hate to think that all Jews are evil but definitely know zionists are not the people we want running this country anymore than they already do. hitler was on to something.

    • George says:

      Howard, you seem to be suffering from a severe mental disorder called brainwashed americanitis. I am American and I certainly do not “envy” other Americans, in fact it is laughable that you would consider Americans “intelligent” as America is comprised of mostly brainwashed consumers who are slaves to their credit cards and banks, and whom believe everything they see on jew-run mainstream media TV as “reality”. As for “rabid” that is a word reserved exclusively for cabbalist Talmud Zionist freemasonic jews who are ruining the world with their manufactured wars and Lucifer worship. Left wing, right wing, it doesn’t matter because both parties are lapdogs for the Israel AIPAC lobby and other Zionist jew controlled organizations. Israel and American imperialism thanks to control by Britain will not make the world a better place, if you haven’t noticed, the USA, Israel, Britain and other power brokers are responsible for much death, destruction, economic disaster, famine, hardship, usury, perversion, and all other evils one can think of. We must also remember that 90% of “jews” are not of Semitic lineage, they are European Asiatic turks who converted to Judaism in 700AD, these people bear no genetic ties to the biblical Abraham and Shem, descendants of Noah. Revelation 2:9- I know thy trials and tribulations but thou art rich, and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan.

  3. Ian says:

    Great article, I see how that is influenced American media! No one kills that many people without a damn good reason. Thanks for the insight.

  4. I couldn’t agree with this article more. Nearly finished reading “doctors from hell” by Vivien spitz. a very good book btw but as I read it and knowing what I know about Jews and how they think about Gentiles I couldn’t help but wonder if we’ve been lied to all this time . Was there some type of arrangement between hitler and zionists to assist them in creating this fake tragedy so that the zionists could get the support they were looking for to create Israel ? Or were the mad men so called nazis actually zionists and all those bodies were actually that of Germans and other nationalities . Once you study the Talmud and spend time with Israelis you quickly realize just how cold these people are . I would believe that they were more capable of the mass killings than the Germans. in the book I’m reading I can’t help but notice all the painful experiments that nazis doctors did were not even on Jews . Majority of the being that were tortured with their science were Germans , Russians , Polish and of them they were prisoners of war. Only zionists feel they are superior to the rest of humanity and only they would conduct science experiments without remorse on people so they could further their technology. There is a list of issues I see in American that pertain to the Jewish connection grid. several things they are doing to is Gentiles in order to take advantage of us financially and run over to Israel with no regret. From the scam going on with our VA hospitals that’s been in the news lately to the vaccines and science experiments they conducts on people here in American . I agree following the money will usually tell you a lot . This whole sending American troops to fight in wars against Arabs has Jewish Agenda written all over it . Arabs hate Jews, yes, because they know what sneaky scumbags they can be and how they manipulate and play people against each other . of course the Arabs look at Americans like we were stupid to support such evil people, they’re right . most Americans are uneducated and have been indoctrinated wit “feel sorry for the Jews” ideology since elementary school. The generations of Americans growing up here post WWII would straight out say ” don’t trust a Jew” there was a reason for that. the more research this topic the more I see why. I’m hoping to one day write my own article , in hopes that Americans wake up from their slave status and get their country back from Zionists greed. It all starts with who we elect . why is congress filled with so many zionists ,? how would their love for Israel best serve Americans ? it’s time to start researching these presidential candidates for what they really are ? are they Americans for America? or are they Jews helping other Jews enslave us and rip us off financially so they can eventually make their home in Israel ? sorry this is not anti Semitism this is really just the truth of matter . I’m so glad other people beside me are starting to question and wake up.

  5. torreyminor4 says:

    I believe you are on point sure…and not to be out of line but this type of evil is rampant in our world today, ISIS is an example of this at work. The truly powerful use terror for their own profit…sacrifice a few hundred lives every week and keep 7.2 Billion people in fear and fear is the greatest form of control.

  6. raad saad says:

    jews need to be hated worldwide..they are the mastermind of both the world war…they are still killing innocent people in palestine..patronizing ISIS, and trying to bring third world war…

  7. B says:

    I agree. Jews see ‘gentiles ‘ as a lesser person. They have a self righteous club, and you are NOT invited. Religion in general is the problem… But Jews created Hitler’s rise for a reason. Every action has an OPPISITE yet equal reaction. But a Jew will argue this to the grave. The self righteousness of that religion is as bad as Islam. And according to Jews everything that happens I mean every single thing on Earth that happens is the will of God, therefore they would have believed that Hitler was the will of God, but they refuse to do that so they are full of hypocrisy.

  8. Veshimabeth Samuels says:

    There shouldn’t be a reason to have war for power in politics, greed and what they believe is right. WAR is never the answer because neither sides win when there is a huge loss of people. Hitler had no right, regardless if he had a valid reason to condone to genocide, to seduce the nation to murder millions of people. What kind of message are you sending to people who will learn of the truth? If you don’t like someone because of x, y and z, then the only thing to do is to wipe out a whole group of people. That’s what is wrong with this damned world; To justify one’s actions who committed a crime that was equivalent of the enemy’s. In other words, two wrongs, in most cases, does not make a right.

  9. Michael Marolla says:

    I live in Naples Fl. I grew up in Bonita Springs Fl, I went to the elementary school in which is96.5 % Mexicans now, the entire neighborhood I grew up in is owned by Mexicans, I walk in Wells Fargo Bank and every employee is Hispanic, all the patrons Hispanic and speaking Spanish, I can’t believe my eyes, I feel like I’m in another country, everywhere I go I’m waiting behind Mexicans, our roads are cluttered now thanks to millions of Mexicans taking over Naples Fl, they’re all working and yet still signing up and collecting all the free benefits, they’re driving brand new Mercedes-Benz and BMWs and living in nicer homes than we do, I can truly appreciate what inspired Hitler to exterminate the Jews! I hate what’s happened to my beautiful town, thanks to all the greedy pieces of shit that have been and continue to hire them!

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