Is Alex Jones CIA?

Is Alex Jones CIAIs Alex Jones CIA?

I do believe that some key interest groups do want massive civil war in America, unfortunately there is so much dis-information and propaganda out there that the reasons are being clearly convoluted. I am still a listener of Alex Jones and his radio show, but after researching both him and his show that is aired on the Genesis Communications Network it gets harder and harder to say whose side people really are on. GCN is supposedly a financial affiliate with ABC of whom Disney is an affiliate with.

Now, I always say follow the money trail and you will find the answers. One thing that seems more than fishy to me is that Alex Jones always says how mind controlling Disney is, yet the GCN is a direct affiliate with whom Jones says are the “BAD MEN.” In life, coincidences like this one never are coincidences. It seems to me, from research and being a listener, that Alex Jones most likely is most likely backed by the CIA to spy and collect information on actual patriots.

Think about it. What better way to spy on true patriots than to create a patriot show affiliated with Disneyfoneyland to data collect on patriots that directly:  call in on the show, add in their contact info on the InfoWars forum, or users that subscribe to Prison Planet TV?

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media” – attributed to Former CIA director, William Colby. Why is Jones never harmed by the government that he speaks out so loudly about?

Now more than ever before, the world is seeing how true many of these accusations are. What was once “Conspiracty” is now becoming a cold hard reality through whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

The last man that made any serious accusations about Jones ended up dead. His name was Bill Cooper who was Ex Naval Intelligence, author of “Behold a Pale Horse”, and radio host of “The Hour of the Time” which was a world-wide shortwave radio broadcast. Bill Cooper was the person who was first claiming that 9-11 was merely a government operated stunt to bring about a one world government (see video). Although this has not come to pass yet, globalism is fueling the future whether the American people like it or not. China just makes cheaper Ford diesel engines, iPads, and smart phones. A one world government through the United Nations could be a possibility. All the other fairy tales have come true. Why would men become martyrs to relay this information to the American public if it were not true?

Why is Jones alive; and why is Bill Cooper dead? These are all really great questions that we need to examine. I love what Bill Cooper said, “Trust nothing unless you have proved it with your own research. Then and only then you can find the truth, for most of what you have been taught is a lie.”

Click here for “The Life of Bill Cooper” video.

Alex Jones has 95% good points yes, but he does not give his listeners very many action steps forward in doing much about the information that he gives unless it is about buying Gold, food, or seeds from one of his sponsors. Although those are admirable items to acquire nowadays, don’t be scared into buying things, following people, or being violent to others based upon a certain level of dis-information.

Most likely, it is the CIA that employs Alex Jones.

Think of it this way, if you have a micro phone, some one that appears to be doing good and speaking out “FOR THE PEOPLE” then it is human nature to say, well I don’t have to because some one else knows about this stuff; and they are speaking out about it.

From what I have researched, Alex Jones has made his claim to fame by being on air during the Y2K scare with a massive on air midnight count down. Y2K didn’t happen; and Jones still remained on air solidifying his career by being able to stay on air and tell lies.

Although Jones does give good information, I would definitely question motive, as he does not give his listeners a CLEAR way out of the rabbit hole. For all that we know, many can agree that the world has problems, but few give TRUE answers to these problems.

Question, question, question, before you believe anything; and use your brain before you believe anyone or anything. Do not die by the hand of FREE information, for those that really have good information usually do die by it. Alex Jones will be alive for some time, probably on an island, after he has incited America into a civil war against itself.

Remember, every key leader had their minister of propaganda.


11 thoughts on “Is Alex Jones CIA?

  1. “but he does not give his listeners very many action steps forward in doing much about the information that he gives unless it is about buying Gold, food, or seeds from one of his sponsors”

    Excellent post!!!

    At least someone has got their eyes open. Great article, well done!

    Another tactic of his I have noticed, is to keep skipping from one thing to another, like he’s got some mad ADHD for truthers. It’s the same technique you see in these Disney shows, super fast dialogue and scenes. I strongly believe it is a technique used to destroy our children’s ability to concentrate. Alex does the same but for grown ups!

    Notice how he always interrupts his co hosts. His co hosts start to get a rhythm going, something coherent you can concentrate on and….. POW he interrupts and destroys the moment. Truth TV is big business.

    We now have the sleepy ‘awake’ people.

    Keep up the good work!

    • The sleepy awake people. I love it, lol.

      Check out our new website, video podcast, and wordpress blog at

      We cover all of the latest news, daily news, geo-political news, world news, and anything that comes of interest. We also have the main reason why Bill Cooper died on our video archive after being on the Alex Jones show and exposing 911 months before it happened on his radio show “The Hour of the Time.”

      • We posted this link above in one of our other WordPress accounts. Free and New World Order DIA are one and the same. We will also come in here to amend some information as we are leaning more and more every day.

        Cheers to those who use their brain.

        Alex Jones is most definitely owned and controlled by the CIA.

        “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
        –William Colby, former CIA Director

        Check out this video:

  2. Tom Moon says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly. I have been trying to figure this guy out for some time and the only thing that came to mind was that he actually wants people to riot so the boom can come down for doing so. He only seems to focus on the negative and want’s to rile people up with no answers to getting out of their predicament other than the way of arms which will not liberate anyone regarless of what they may think. Plus I relate Alex to this analogy….They are many like him they show you the obvious mis-deeds and wrongs commited on a daily basis by the system but what they fail to show you is the underlying or hidden reason’s for this pushed tryanny. In other words you cannot cure a cancer by identifying the disease and then proceeding to remove it, hoping it won’t come back; you can only cure it by identifying the cause and removing the instrument in it’s feeding or origins. In history for every tryant that has been removed another has taken his place because the tryant was never the real threat and the people have yet to wake up to the hidden man behind the curtain.

    • Sounds like you are a Wizard of Oz fan 😉

      The men behind the curtain of the Alex Jones show are the CIA. The men who own our president and the CIA are most definately the international banking system and the main families behind them such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers who control both US and European currencies, money printing, and who are private shareholders in the fiat Federal Reserve system here in America.

      “Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws.”
      Amschel Rothchilds

  3. Laura says:

    Fear does not come from God but from the dark side. I listened to Alex Jones for a while and just felt like he kept going in circles and preying on peoples emotions. Fear mongering is an accurate description. He speaks in partial truths. Satan also speaks partial truths and even quotes from the bible. The bible even warns that darkness will come as the light. The only source I can really believe is GOD and the bible. If Alex Jones is the real deal then why haven’t they shut him up? I am very skeptical.

    • George F says:

      You are aware that Satan is fiction aren’t you? Here, pick up a book called – “The invention of religion” by Alexandrea Drake. And perhaps “Who wrote the Bible. You need to grow out of that stuff, for your own sake.

    • Questionaire says:

      Oops, you aren’t quite out of the rabbit hole yet. Religion was created by man to control mankind and, therefore, fake. Is it possible that the same people who gave us religion are the same people who gave us money?

  4. Josh says:

    I guess Alex Jone’s connection to Walt Disney and the CIA is like Ron Paul’s connection to the United Nations in a way.. But I’m not sure about this stance or not in your article. Why would they hire and support people to expose them? A revolution is what this country needs. I am all for a revolution. Revolutions is a huge part of American history. If it weren’t for revolution this country America wouldn’t exist. Alex Jones has always seemed like a good honest guy to me. But it is possible that may not be the case I suppose.

    • Questionaire says:

      I agree with your points. But, to answer your question “Why would they hires and support people to expose them?”
      If you play both sides of a war, there’s a good chance you will determine the outcome. And, since they want mass revolt so they can initiate martial law, what better way to get the ball rolling? When the people revolt, the UN troops will move in to install our new fascist government. This is all part of the agenda. Good luck in the future.

  5. George F says:

    What a load of nonsense. It’s perfectly simple. Alex Jones is having a giggle whilst making millions out of gullible folk. THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT!
    See here for example >

    Damn. What is wrong with you people? Are you seriously that unable to see? You know, if you lot picked up a book on critical thinking, or if your schools taught or encouraged critical thinking more, then you wouldn’t be having this discussion now, as you’d be able to see straight through Jones.

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