Obama Romney Debate

Obama Romney Debate 10-3-12 Denver, CO

Wow, where do we start.

It is not a Obama/Romney issue, nor is it a democrat or republican issue. The real issue at hand is that both candidates and both parties no matter the candidate are financed by Wall Street. That is why banks were the main businesses that received enormous bail outs that the American people got signed onto. Obama and Romney are slaves to the financial sector, which is the main source of both of their campaign funds. Let’s talk about the real issue, not the middle men. Here are the numbers.

Fannie Mae Government-Sponsored Enterprise D.C. $116,149,000,000
Freddie Mac Government-Sponsored Enterprise Va. $71,336,000,000
Received other federal aid. Click to see details.
Insurance Company N.Y. $67,835,000,000
General Motors Auto Company Mich. $50,744,648,329
Bank of America
Received other federal aid. Click to see details.
Bank N.C. $45,000,000,000
Received other federal aid. Click to see details.
Bank N.Y. $45,000,000,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.Y. $25,000,000,000
Wells Fargo Bank Calif. $25,000,000,000
GMAC (now Ally Financial) Financial Services Company Mich. $16,290,000,000
Chrysler Auto Company Mich. $10,748,284,222
Goldman Sachs Bank N.Y. $10,000,000,000
Morgan Stanley Bank N.Y. $10,000,000,000
PNC Financial Services Bank Pa. $7,579,200,000
U.S. Bancorp Bank Minn. $6,599,000,000
SunTrust Bank Ga. $4,850,000,000
Capital One Financial Corp. Bank Va. $3,555,199,000
Regions Financial Corp. Bank Ala. $3,500,000,000

Last night was just as good as watching a wrestling match. Politicians will never care for anyone else but themselves and their owners who have got them into office in the first place. Opinions are opinions, even I can have one that is wrong, but the numbers above are provable, traceable, and finite. The numbers speak for themselves. Our government bailed out banks mostly, because these very banks finance the presidential elections here in the US.

What are your thoughts?


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